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Founded by Pastor Silas, Yogo Glory Centre Academy opened its doors in 2008. The village of Yogo never had a school, so a large portion of the population had never received proper education. Pastor Silas, born and raised in this community, had the opportunity to visit Canada, later returning to his village in Kenya to establish their first proper school.

When the Yogo Centre first opened its doors, they only had first and second grade. Pastor Silas began seeking financial support to grow the school, striving to add more grades. Westbow Gives Back helped build more classrooms, allowing the school to add grades three and four. Since then, Westbow has become a trusted partner for Pastor Silas and the Yogo School, helping build key campus facilities, including classrooms, shower facilities, and a dining hall. The school’s upcoming projects include a library, new dormitories, and a future high school.

Yogo School, which began with a small group of children in a few classrooms, now has enough classrooms to facilitate students all the way up to the eighth grade. Pastor Silas can now see how far his tenacity and perseverance have taken what started as a dream. And his dream doesn’t end there.

The village, and its surrounding area, does not currently have a high school. For some this means moving away to attend high school, for others it simply means their education ends at grade eight. So, with the financial assistance provided by Westbow, Pastor Silas has purchased a property on which a new high school will be built. Although it will be located in Seje, a bigger town near Yogo, the Yogo School will be one of the elementary schools that will be feeding into the high school, helping children from Yogo and nearby villages redefine their futures.

Through Pastor Silas’ extraordinary and inspiring project, impoverished communities are being transformed, the lives of young children, their parents and their community being impacted through the lasting change that is only possible through education. If you’re interested in sponsoring a child’s education at the Yogo Glory Centre Academy, please visit our partners at Hungry for Life.