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In November of 2021, our team took a trip to Kenya to assess the current and future needs for many of our projects. They flew straight to Nairobi with a layover in Istanbul and shortly landed with full hearts and open arms.

Located in Nairobi, The Shiphra Centre, is growing drastically. Martha’s home for orphans now houses more than 60 kids. In the past, Westbow, alongside partner Hungry for Life, helped by funding the land they reside on and built the current buildings on site. Westbow also assisted in getting many of the orphans into school.

During our team’s most recent visit, they assessed the buildings, looking for necessary repairs and investigated what Martha and her team may need in the upcoming future. Dick Westeringh, the founder of Westbow Gives Back, drew up plans to develop a new building for them. Standing 4 stories high, this new building will include new dorms for both the boys and the girls, improved restrooms, a study area, and a dining hall. During their visit our team also treated these sweet kids to a big KFC dinner!

Westbow’s own Multimedia Designer, Justin Riley, had the incredible opportunity to be a part of this trip. “Words can’t even begin to describe this trip. It was simultaneously amazing and heartbreaking. I saw things that were so incredibly eye-opening. It was sad, yet inspiring. My heart was so moved by the amazing people we met. They struggle through such hardships, yet they have the kindest spirits and brightest personalities. They are resilient, not letting their struggles fully beat them down. I was so moved by my experience, and it was a trip I will never forget. I am forever changed by it.”

This is just one of the amazing initiatives the team worked on during their 2021 travels. Stay tuned to hear more of these remarkable stories. 

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