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2022 was a year full of fun initiatives that supported Westbow Gives Back. To start this new year, we’d like to acknowledge our volunteers’ efforts and the different activities that took place throughout the year. 2022 started strong, and the first activity was the Coldest Night of the Year. WGB sponsored this local event which is part of a broader national initiative. Westbow employees raised funds and walked the 5km walk in winter weather. During February and March, our fantastic volunteers raised money and supplies for a single mom battling ovarian cancer. We loved seeing our team go out of their way to give back, regardless of whether it’s a big or small cause, because they are all equally important.

Westbow Gives Back has had a longstanding relationship with the Cyrus Centre and in 2022 this relationship was further strengthened. In April and October, WGB volunteers went grocery shopping and cooked dinner for homeless and at-risk youths. Using the kitchen from the Westbow Office, our magnificent team cooked enough meals that there were leftovers for days.

June was also a super exciting month! Ruth and Naomi’s Mission is another of the organizations that WGB has been partners with and during June we sponsored their Roughing It 4 RAN campout. A group of Westbow employees gathered around a bonfire while others took part in the campout by setting up their camping gear in their backyards. That same month, we also launched our monthly newsletter to increase employee awareness and engagement.

Our partnership with Ruth and Naomi’s Mission was again a focal point in November, when our volunteers donated miscellaneous supplies and furniture to support their operations. During July, we had possibly our most fun initiative: Leap of Faith. WGB was a proud sponsor for this event, and some Westbow daredevils ventured into the skies to do tandem skydiving. There were plenty of amenities for attendees who didn’t jump, such as live music and food trucks.

In 2022 we also saw our team grow beyond Canadian frontiers. In our Westbow South office, a new volunteer team was formed in Guatemala. Our South team started by holding a food drive for those affected by Tropical Storm Julia. Several groceries, along with hygiene items, were donated by employees and then taken to a designated collection centre. As expected, our South team is highly motivated and immensely caring. Hooray for this new era of Westbow Gives Back!

The year ended sweetly, with our North team organizing a two-month food drive. Donations were received between November and December and were later given to the Salvation Army to help feed people affected by homelessness and poverty. Our team’s enthusiasm turned into Christmas cheer and sang loud for all to hear.

2022 was an excellent year for Westbow Gives Back. From small giving back efforts to participating in large events to support significant causes, it was an incredible year all-around. We learned so much, connected with so many people, and gave back in the process. Hooray for our super fantastic, super incredible and super caring volunteers! We can’t wait to start a new year with so many opportunities to have fun and give back.