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Shiphra Centre

Located in Nairobi, The Shiphra Centre, is growing drastically. Martha’s home for orphans now houses more than 60 kids. In the past, Westbow, alongside partner Hungry for Life, helped by funding the land they reside on and built the current buildings on site. Westbow also assisted in getting many of the orphans into school.

During our team’s most recent visit, they assessed the buildings, looking for necessary repairs and investigated what Martha and her team may need in the upcoming future. Dick Westeringh, the founder of Westbow Gives Back, drew up plans to develop a new building for them. Standing 4 stories high, this new building will include new dorms for both the boys and the girls, improved restrooms, a study area, and a dining hall.

Yogo Glory Centre Academy

The nearest public primary school is located 2 km away, but the quality of education in the government run school is inferior to this burgeoning community-run Christian school.

Yogo Primary school provides an excellent Christian education from toddler to Grade 8. The school consistently ranks first in the area and in the top five in the region for educational results. Many of the students who attend Yogo GCA are from the poorest families and cannot afford tuition costs.

Westbow Gives Back helps support the Yogo Glory Centre with funding and construction.

Siaya High School

As the students from Seje Glory Centre Academy and Yogo Glory Centre Academy reach Class 8 and move on to secondary school, many of them are unable to afford to attend a quality school.

In February of 2020 a parcel of land was located and a commitment made to purchase the land.  A dream has taken tiny roots in rich Kenyan soil – a dream for the continuation of the excellent education provided to the current 500+ students as well as to many more students in the future.

In partnership with Hungry For Life International and Bishop Silas, Westbow Gives Back is working on building this first ever high school in Siaya. The mission of this school is to help further the educations of countless youth, helping to create a better life for them and their families.

Voice of Hope

Westbow Gives Back partners closely with the ladies of Voice of Hope. Voice of Hope was born in 2013 when Mary Anne Westeringh had the opportunity to accompany her husband Dick on a Hungry for Life trip to Kenya and Uganda. The objective of this trip was to familiarize board members and their guests with the various projects with which Hungry For Life was involved in.​​

Mary Anne saw an opportunity for further outreach. And it was only a matter of time before the Voice of Hope organization was formed.

The events of one particular hot and dusty afternoon became very significant in her life when they visited two women.

While both women were widowed and named Margaret, their needs were different. They happened upon the senior woman lying on an thin, worn-out mattress, where they learned she spent all of her days and nights. The other was a widowed mother trying desperately to raise her 8 children amidst a home that was falling apart.

Both of these women were hungry, tired, discouraged, and lonely. Both of these women lacked resources and hope.

Hope was what Mary Anne wanted to offer to these women, and many others in similar circumstances. Realizing how destitute, lonely, and forgotten many of these widows were prompted Mary Anne to put together a team of women to come and offer hope and assistance. 

Voice of Hope made their first team trip to Kakamega in October 2014. All their team trips have been facilitated by Hungry for Life International.

Throughout their first and subsequent visits to Kenya, VOH met many inspiring women who are trying to make a life for themselves and their children without the protection or income that a husband traditionally provides.

 They developed the Widow Care Program working with Kenyan field partners, Everlyne Imbenzi and her assistant, Aggrey Mudi. 

 Together, they facilitate the assistance provided for widows and families, while also arranging and monitoring all projects.